David Moody

Author of several books

He provides a free copy of his book autumn

AUTUMN is a hugely popular free novel, downloaded thousands of times every month. It has been called 'the perfect zombie story.' To see more reader feedback, click here, here and here.

Why is the book free?
Money's tight. Very few people will pay for a book by someone they've never heard of but practically everybody will take something for nothing if it's going. Moody has tapped into the 'vein of meanness' which runs through the heart of much of the population.

So what's in it for the author?
By publicising his work on the internet and giving the book away, Moody has already reached more than 150,000 readers without spending a penny on advertising. Additionally, thousands of copies of the sequels to AUTUMN and Moody's other novels have now been sold. Moody successfully works outside the traditional publishing industry, making the most of advances in technology to deliver his books (as both paperbacks and ebooks) to the widest possible audience at the lowest possible price

Hang on, this sounds like someone who's received one too many rejection slips trying to make a noise about a badly written book that no publisher is prepared to touch.

It isn't. No attempts have been made to publish the AUTUMN novels 'traditionally'. Not convinced? Visit the website. Read the feedback. Download the book.
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