Fiction Publishing Examples

The following authors have released books, that are also available to buy commercially, under a creative commons license. I have only include authors that are writing about subjects unrelated to the area of open source and intellectual property, since I presume that experience in these areas can not be projected into other areas (people who read about open intellectual property often believe in it, they are thus more likely to support it)

I have also chosen only to included authors that are also selling their books on amazon or similar sites

The names with a ( ? ) symbol have information about why the author released a free version of the book.
The names with a ( = ) symbol have information about how their experience has been with providing a free version
If you have information to add under the different names, I would greatly appreciate it)

Scott Adams

Mike Brotherton

Paulo Coelho

Cory Doctorow

Tom Evslin

Jonathan Fesmire

Eric Flint

Seth Harwood

Francis Heaney

Richard Kadrey

Steven King

J.A. Konrath no background information

Mercedes Lackey

Kelly Link

Nick Mamatas

Karl Schroeder

Charles Sheehan-Miles

David Moody

James Morris

Chris Roberson

Brandon Sanderson

John Scalzi

Scott Sigler

Justin Sirois

Charles Stross

John F.X. Sundman

Vernor Vinge

Peter Watts

O'Reilly Open Book

Tor Artical about this

The Friday Project

Baen books

Club Penguin

Other fiction publishing]]]

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