John F X Sundman

Author of Acts of the Apostles

"When you make your books available for free download, you get a lot of instant goodwill. Sometimes this translates into money. But even when it doesn't, it's nicer to have people think you're a good guy than to have people think you're an asshole."

He says it definitely made financial . It doesn't cost him anything to serve up the books (a third party pays for the hosting). It makes them visible to people who otherwise would never have heard of him. He says he has sold lots of printed copies to people who first checked out the free copies.

Being one of the first to put his book up for free has also made him get a lot of positive attention for doing this. This as given him a lot of opportunities to sell his book at conferences and the like

He doesn't have any related activities that could benefit from the attention generated by the book, and is not able generate income from other sources.

He has also provided as a free download Acts of the Apostles
An article about his experiences in publishing

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