Mike Brotherton

Mike Brotherton is an author of science fiction books. in x he released his first book Star Dragon. after the hardback had been available for a few months the paperback was released and Mike put up a version for free download on his web page.

He says that has not noticed an effect on book sales in either positive or negative direction. He thinks that, being a new author, it could not hurt the sales. He has also heard from a couple of people that say they have bought the book after reading the download. Yet he has not seen a increase in sales following the release of the free download.

He stipulates that timing of the free book might have been a factor in the effect of it. It was released with the paperback, and not with the initial hardback.

As he did not see a clear effect from the free download of Star Dragon, he has chosen only to release 4 chapters of his new book Spider Star

The information on this page is from a E-mail interview with Mike

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