Non Fiction Publishing Examples


Flat World Knowledge

The following authors have released books, that are also available to buy commercially, under a creative commons license. I have only include authors that are writing about subjects unrelated to the area of open source and intellectual property, since I presume that experience in these areas can not be projected into other areas (people who read about open intellectual property often believe in it, they are thus more likely to support it)

I have also chosen only to included authors that are also selling their books on amazon or similar sites

Non- fiction

The '9-11 report

Scott Alle and David Teten

James Bridle

Gustavo Cardoso No background information

Patrick Costello

Seth Godin No background information

Bruce Judson

Steve Kaufmann No background information

Alexander Kjerulf

Glenys Livingstone Ph.D No background information

Suze Orman

Eric Schulman

Daniel J. Solove No background information

Tom Reynolds

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