Open Design

Open Design

Ronen Kadushin is a seasoned designer and teacher of design. I relation with a master report about open design he launched the company open design.

The basic idea is that he provides a copy of the specifications for his designs for free download. They are attributed with a creative commons license and you could produce the objects from these specks.

He was very fascinated by the things happening in software and music with open licences. So after realising that none else was doing this within design, he decided to give it a go.
Initially there was no business model my mind and it is still more for the idealistic ideas that motivates his openness.

He has gotten a lot of positive feedback from the open design project. both from intellectuals and other designers. It is hard to say how he has profited from the open designs and all the attention. He is not getting rich from royalties, yet the attention has a lot of other benefits.

It has helped him get a job teaching design in Berlin and many other things that might be hard to put your figure on.

He sees a clear trend in the design world. That more and more designer would like their work to be more the something beautiful for rich people.
The interest that he has seen around the idea of open design is probably a part of this trend.

The information for this page is from a his own website, the interview linked below and a short phone interview with him

open design website
Article about Ronen

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