Scott Adams

Free is more complicated than you'd think

Scot Adams is the author of the widely popular comic strip Dilbert.

He says that he has had mixed results with giving away content on the Internet. he was among the first syndicated cartoonist to offer a comic on the Internet without charge. That gave a huge boost to the newspaper sales and licensing. It also generate a good amount of add income. He thinks that “giving” away Dilbert continues to work well. Even though he thinks that it cannibalises on other products to some extend

A few years ago he tried an experiment by putting the entire text of the book, "God's Debris
," on the Internet for free, after sales of the hard copy and its sequel, "The Religion War" slowed.
According to Adams, this has not increased the sales of either book. He thinks it might even have hurt his sales.Scott adams is the creator of the comic strip Dilbart and the author of

He is part in a blog based discussion about the viability of a free business model.
It includes among other the following opinions

Free is more complicated then you think by Scot Adams

Free is more complicated then you think by Tim O’Reilly

A response to Scott Adams by Mike Masnick

A some point this blog discussion will be one of the area dealt with in a “different chains of thought” section on this wiki

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